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Laura Sue Design

The .ORG anniversary book

The purpose of this project was to formally celebrate .org's 25th anniversary by publishing a book on the history of the Internet and tell the .org story.

A 4-chapter book was authored, including a compilation of 20 individual short stories written and submitted by organizations owning a .org website. A painting was also commissioned, and I pulled the elements together into a 118-page hardback.

A closeup of the .org 25th anniversary book cover, featuring the painting by the artist.

One of the design challenges with this project was to effectively communicate and make visually interesting a tale that to some may come across as "techie". I worked with the commissioned painter and the short story photographs to bring vibrancy and emotion to the reader.

A closeup of the .org 25th anniversary book cover and an interior spread, featuring The Moth.

This project is a favorite of mine. It was the first time I utilized the "book" feature in InDesign, and the process of building the chapters and page templates made me fall in love with the software. I collaborated with the talented author, incredible publisher, and enthusiastic .org staff members.

To end with a bang, I had the unique opportunity to be featured at the book's official launch party at ICANN 45 in Toronto.

A closeup of the .org 25th anniversary book interior spread, featuring the Interface Message Processor (IMP).