About Me

I’ve dabbled in digital design since 1998, when I was first exposed to Bryce and Adobe Photoshop 3. I later studied multimedia design and expanded to a variety of interests from painting to Macromedia Director Lingo. I took a particular interest in color theory, user interface design, and HTML/CSS. Since then, most of my projects have covered UI and visual design.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking the Pacific Northwest alone or with friends, and traveling. My respite has always been yoga and electronica music, sometimes together. 

Looking Forward

I’m embracing my interest in accessibility and usability. I’m an active member of PDXWIT and Portland’s Interaction Design Foundation group where I continue to take classes.

In April 2018 I was certified in the Akendi CXD UX Design Certification program in Montréal, Canada, where I discovered that the heart of any good UX approach is user research and design iteration. Long game? To always work with researchers, and maybe one day become one. :)


This site includes snapshots of projects as I originally designed and intended for them to be. As most WordPress web dev goes, a lot of the responsibility post-launch gets handed down to the client to manage their content. In some cases sites degrade because budgets fall flat and staffs struggle internally to integrate high-quality content management.

Me on the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland.