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Laura Sue Design

About me

Originally a Computer Information Systems major, I followed my interest to a digital art class that steered me toward graphic, video, and motion design. I picked up HTML and CSS from an interest in understanding how things work behind the scenes — something I still find satisfaction in. I then started working with databases, PHP, and self-hosted WordPress websites, eventually starting a lucrative business. This was wonderful for a while.


Several years ago, I was hitting a wall -- I couldn't do any more of the same thing. I began exploring user experience and design thinking. Suddenly I had terms that defined what was important to me the whole time — to build the solution for the user, not the maker; to get feedback.

Since then I've studied and practiced user experience and human-centered design. What I really wanted was to work somewhere with a user research team, and what I got was that plus a web accessibility requirement for WCAG AA 2.0, which I've discovered is my true love. I'm currently working to become a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) this summer.

Play time

Outside of work, and when we aren't in quarantine, I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Last year I hiked over 350 miles, including summiting Mt St. Helens with some friends.

Me, snowshoeing through a deserted Yosemite National Park.

I'm standing with the CEO of Public Interest Registry at the .org book launch party at ICANN Toronto.

Me in a puffy arctic coat on the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland.