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Laura Sue Design

Design thinking

I studied Design Thinking at Portland State University. With groups, I worked on journey maps, business models, empathy maps, and other post-it-friendly activities.

Improve the airline boarding process

We were provided a problem statement and an innovation challenge to dramatically improve airplane passengers' on/off boarding experiences, eliminate hassles during the on/off boarding process, and dramatically reduce waiting times.

My team (me plus 2 others) mapped pain points, created an empathy map, ideated, then created 3 concept sketches, and evaluated these concepts to create one prototype.

I learned that many minds are better than one, that baby steps can become really cool, applicable ideas, and that working with my social edge gave me creative inspiration.

My classmate and I on a couch interviewing someone about how they use single-use plastics.

Interviews with shoppers on their relationship to single-use plastics.

Flip charts with hand-written notes and post-its, mapping our research findings in clusters.

Organizing our research takeaways into clusters, to see the hot spots.

The art of how might we

I've worked with How might we statements before, but didn't focus on their importance or how to refine them using research. In the HCD class, we learned to do just that. We self-organized into small groups connected by a shared interest in something to solve for, iterated on our HMW statement by way of interviews, and created a journey map to help us navigate possible solutions.

My teammate and I began with: "How might we reduce the dependency on single-use plastics?" and refined our way to "How might we equip society with more tools to make sustainable grocery shopping choices?"

Day three in my digital process book, outlining how my teammate and I refined our How might we statement