UX problem: Calm app offline use

- I was off the grid camping last week with some friends and our campground had a lot of space to spread out and do our own thing if we wanted. On the second day I found a SWEET little swimming hole at the river behind where I set up my tent. Suddenly I got excited […]

A mini usability test

- I did a mini usability test last week at work. Knowing that asking for more time or budget on things can be scary, I decided it would be ok to just do it as part of the QA process for a website we are about to launch. Here’s a disclaimer: I didn’t follow all the […]

Start where you are

- I was riding the retainer-client-wave of freelancing for about 8 years when I realized I was getting complacent and decided to begin a job search. I needed people. Working alone was making this introvert anxious about leaving the house and going out into the world. That was 2016. Through a personal connection, I took a […]