Voicebox Email Marketing

There was a time where creating email marketing campaigns was a large part of my day-to-day, both design and code. I lead the push for better content strategy for the client’s recurring email marketing campaigns. From a user’s perspective, email marketing is a strong ally in advertising initiatives, but only when done with thoughtfulness and testing. Even though it’s email, we’re still developing and nurturing a relationship with users. And users are really good at sniffing out BS…

A mobile screen showing a Voicebox Karaoke email design.

A mobile screen showing a Voicebox Karaoke email design.



Voicebox email clickthrough rates were slumping. We were dropping the ball on them.


It felt like we weren’t asking the customer the right questions, so our team began strategizing more value-add content. We revised the CTA we’d been using repeatedly, and did so by looking at what else we could say that might help educate people on the benefits and know-how of karaoke singing, not to mention other Voicebox perks like how dope their song list is.

We identified a few sticking points, produced a more holistic view from where we can talk to and segment their list, and created more realistic goals.


The next two sends resulted in a 50% increase in goal completion as seen in their analytics.

A desktop-sized Voicebox Karaoke email design.

A desktop-sized Voicebox Karaoke email design.


TL;DR - What I’ve Done

  • Content strategy collaboration

  • Visual design

  • Making Mailchimp my b*tch - CSS/HTML

  • Analytics analysis and tracking