Voicebox email marketing

How might we improve our email strategy using analytic data?

The purpose of this project was to take action after having an honest look at how effective we’d been in marketing Voicebox’s offerings. After reviewing the data, I realized we needed a better content strategy.

A mobile screen showing a Voicebox Karaoke email design.

A mobile screen showing a Voicebox Karaoke email design.


The process

It felt like we weren’t providing the clearest path to book a karaoke room. We had been using a “book now” call to action, and the user can’t actually book now - they’re taken to a reservation request page that required the user to wait for a call back. What else we could say that might provide a value add, given their complex reservation process.

The team decided we could test with more educational content, telling people on the benefits and know-how of karaoke singing, as well as boost other Voicebox perks like how thorough their song list is. We also produced a more holistic view from where we can talk to and segment their list, and created more realistic goals.

I took the content from our copywriter and designed banners and new iconic graphics for use in an improved set of Mailchimp email templates that could be used by the client.


The next two sends resulted in a 50% increase in goal completion as seen in their analytics.