Voicebox Email Marketing

I’ve been tasked with a lot of email marketing lately, design and code. Beyond that, however, I’ve been involved in leading the push for more content strategy for our recurring email marketing clients. Taken from a user-centric standpoint, email marketing is a strong ally in your advertising initiatives, but only when done delicately and with thoroughness. You’re developing and nurturing a relationship with your users, conversing with them.


Voicebox clickthrough rates were slumping.


I asked questions. The flag was raised on their previous emails missing the mark. So our team began strategizing more around value-add content. First, let’s zoom out and look at what the recipient needs to do to “book a box”. Secondly, what else could we say that might help educate on the benefits and know-how of karaoke singing, not to mention other Voicebox perks like how dope their song list is?

We identified a few sticking points, and produced a more holistic view from where we can talk to and segment their list, and create more realistic goals.


The last two sends saw a 50% increase in goal completion as seen in their analytics. Yay!


— Design (based off concepted brand work from our Art Director)
— Build and test several drag and drop templates in Mailchimp
— Content strategy brainstorming