The Inn at Red Hills

After a sweeping brand refresh and a professional photo shoot, I embarked on creating a cohesive website and email templates for The Inn at Red Hills, a small hotel in Oregon’s beautiful wine country.


One minor challenge was to conceal the fact that the hotel is actually on a highway, with no real scenery as one might envision when you speak of “wine country”. This was solved by focusing more on the interior vibe of the inn, and highlighting their employees.

Another challenge was to make it clear on mobile devices how to get to the inn and/or make a reservation.


The photo shoot focused on lifestyle shots, and the team did a fantastic job of hitting the mark. There is real value in a high quality photo shoot these days, in my opinion. It makes the design portion of the job flow better.

For the mobile view, I created a sticky footer area that was ultimately used as a template for other hospitality and service industry websites. I wanted the user to have instant access to call, map, or reserve a room.


— Website: Design (Sketch)
— Email: Foundation framework, CSS, Campaign Monitor


To design a website and build a matching set of email marketing tools for promotional purposes.