Coastal Hotel Website Prototype

The project was a website redesign of an Oregon coast resort hotel. Their previous website was loaded with antiquated keyword stuffing, and there were a lot of unnecessary and repetitive pages in the site map.


My task was to create a responsive set of wireframes based on our objective to slim down the site dramatically. We wanted to allow the 3rd party online reservation system do the heavy lifting. Roughly 60% of the existing pages would be either redirected to parental landing pages, or sent to the reservation system which held the most current information on available accommodations. The result would be a slimmer, faster experience that would more clearly direct users to book an online reservation.


I worked with our Digital Manager to gather and organize analytic data to create an IA, and then did a lot of discovery work on the resort’s biggest competitors. Fortunately, we have a huge catalog of custom photography for their marketing efforts, which lessened the need for stock photos. (A number of their competitors’ websites were relying mostly on stock images.) These custom photos would be the highlight of the new site, so I made sure to incorporate a lot of room for the designer to include them where he saw fit.

Next I drew a very quick, rough series of sketches. For me this is the fastest way to get started on any new website or email project. Then, I dug into Axure to build a responsive, interactive prototype to get buy-in from the resort before heading into the design phase. (For this example, you’ll see just three page templates created in Axure. Links to each page template are noted by the blue links.)

View a live version of the Axure file


— Discovery and data collection
— Sketches
— Axure prototyping