ABOM Ski Goggles

The task was to create a landing page for an inbound marketing campaign. Targeted social media and digital ads channel users to this page in the hopes of learning more about ABOM ski goggles.

This client had great photography, which spoke for itself. The design was kept simple to highlight the photos and explain how the product works.


One of the challenges with this particular project was that this landing page was to be hosted on the ABOM website, which we didn’t have access to or have control over. I was to hand off the assets, mockup and anything else I could to their developer for implementation. (Talk about letting go!) It was just another reason to keep it simple, so that I could (hopefully) ensure that the page was built to match the comp. I handed off assets that included the images, fonts, and CSS code in order to help as much as I could.


— Pencil sketch wireframes
— Design (using Sketch)