Attentive Health Website

The purpose of this project was to refresh the brand and website, and improve the information architecture of the sitemap.

The mission of Attentive Health is to provide long-term wellness solutions aimed at transforming the health, vitality and quality of life for people and their corporate cultures.

A mobile view of the Attentive Health homepage.

A mobile view of the Attentive Health homepage.



1) Attentive Health had two distinct audiences with two distinct messages: “personal” clients and “corporate” clients. Some content was only available to corporate clients, and had a different message. How do I split the audience’s content without confusing the user, while keeping everything in one WordPress database for easy management by the client?

2) Their company name, brand (developed about 10 years prior), and messaging needed some marketing fancywork to clarify what it is they actually do.

A desktop view of the Attentive Health homepage.

A desktop view of the Attentive Health homepage.


I decided that a subtle tabbed navigation that allowed anyone to navigate to any area of the site at any time would be best -- the client didn’t want to necessarily lock up areas of the site to certain users. Initially, the user is prompted for which they prefer: Personal or Corporate, then once a choice is made they are taken to that part of the site but can change their mind at any time.

I had to massage the content to make it front-page worthy. I wanted clear descriptors and calls to action for each the “personal” site and the “corporate” site that would help people quickly identify what Attentive Health was all about, and put that descriptor on the appropriate homepage.

The brand update was particularly challenging because the client was unwilling to budge on the antiquated color palette. I used some eye-trickery-magic to get them comfy with a “new” look. (Essentially, I shifted the hues of their main colors very slightly so that the palette didn't appear different from their brand, but that the eye perceived the relationship between the colors to be more modern.)