The Mac’s List Website

Mac’s List, a beloved local online job listing here in Portland, needed a website design refresh. Their old site was already on WordPress, so I created a series of custom templates for them to use on their home page and interior pages. The success of Mac’s List began once upon a time as a distributed email list.

Their brand has remained the same for many years — a basic blue box with their name inside. I wanted to create a clean look that was easily identifiable as Portland, and pull their logo into a more modern environment on the pages.

One of the challenges was how to direct users to one of three main areas of the site quickly and clearly (seeking jobs, posting jobs, and the newsletter signup). Ads are the backbone of Mac’s List and the site ran a risk of feeling overwhelming. I used contrast and bold font choices to help the user identify where to go, and I used a quirky menu shape and the orange color to add interest and vigor.


The site launched in May of 2012.


— Design
— Project management


To give the Mac’s List website a new look and navigation.