2016 Subaru Mountain Partnership Promos

I contracted with a local agency to design and develop the Winter 2016 Subaru mountain partnership dealer locator pages, emails, HTML5 animated Google AdWords ads, social media graphics (Instagram and Facebook), and supportive printed materials. The fundamentals of this year’s campaign brand were established before I arrived, so I added elements to further develop and evolve the Mt. Hood and Sierra-at-Tahoe mountain campaigns.

The goal for the imagery was to look active and fun, and I had to consider mobile devices carefully because of the complex header shape and background imagery. Each of the sites is responsive and built using the Foundation framework. I was introduced to Mapbox and a teeny bit of JSON code, and learned about integrating both to make the live dealer locator work properly.

I used HTML/CSS and Adobe CC to create a MailChimp template for a round of promotional emails reminding readers of the awesome discount the mountain resorts are offering for this year’s ski season. The templates were responsive and Retina Display-ready.

The HTML5 animations were, for me, the most fun piece of working on this campaign. It touched on animation experience that I hadn’t used in a while, which came back quickly and naturally. The ads were created in Google Web Designer, and I massaged HTML code where necessary.


The site launched in October of 2016.

Visit the Subaru Mt. Hood Fusion Pass Landing Page


You can view the HTML5 animated ad here (turn off AdBlocker)


—  Design
—  Illustration
—  Page layout
—  Image production
—  Animation
—  CSS
—  Email marketing (MailChimp)


To create a dynamic and cohesive set of digital and print materials promoting this year’s Subaru mountain partnership promo deals.